South San Francisco Women's Club

Founded in 1914, the South San Francisco Women's Club has served our community for 107 years

Living the Volunteer Spirit!

Since 1914, The South San Francisco Women's Club has been collaborating on ways to
improve our community to make the City of South San Francisco a beautiful place to live.
Together we support efforts that enhance the lives of those in our community and communities around us. We also support efforts that reach people internationally.

In conjunction with the General Federation of Women's Clubs and the
California Federation of Women's Clubs, we work on common projects to help women,
children, families and communities to improve their living conditions and educational opportunities.

Join our journey of community service.
Join the club or help support the projects by participating in our events.

The SSFWC meets on the first Thursday of each month (September - June)
We are meeting via zoom during the pandemic.